Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ngatiawa WAI 1018 Registrations

Thank you the many whanau who have registered with us in the last few months.  

As everyone is aware we are not participating in Nga Korero Toku Iho, one day workshop next year.
WAI 1018 & 609 claims are progressing in a healthy positive manner.  Schedules of hui will be upload to Ngatiawa website in the New Year.
We apologise for the delay of website information being available.
WAI 1018 has been empowered because of the use  of neo-colonialism as it is another layer of exploitation of Maori for personal gain.
Our hui with MP's have been successful, report will be tabled after Parata and Leo Watson's NKTI hui next year.
Translations are on track and changes the history of this country, done with the Wisdom and Knowledge of Koro Huirangi Waikerepuru and his team at Koro Huirangi Waikerepuru Website

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ngatiawa ki Kapiti Emancipated

Emancipation for Ngatiawa ki Kapiti - freedom finally from oppression for us and our Tupuna.

Who have been oppressed by colonisation, corruption and contemporary 2014 kupapa under the whiteman's orders.
Freedom, for our Tupuna and their living Mokopuna.  Thank you Nga Tupuna me Atua - Thank you.
Emancipation - "to give someone the political or legal rights that they did not have before"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Parata Whanau Agree to have Ani Parata as Leader of Parata Claims Amended

The leader and spokesperson for WAI 88 - 89 Parata Whanau Marae claim Ani Parata is holding a Nga Korero Toku Iho (NKTI) hearing, in the new year.  Ani Parata is the historian of the Parata Whanau.  
Who obviously has been given permission to speak on their behalf as she has done for 5 years at Judicial Hearings.  
In reality no one wants to hear anymore about the Parata Whanau kicking Ani Parata of the Marae, the Parata Whanau have their decision.  It is their choice.
Chris Webber and Ben Ngaia with Takamore Urupa claim have joined forces with Te Ati Awa ki Whakarongotai Iwi - Marae in the NKTI hearings.
Ben Ngaia has a total conflict of interest as a co-claimant on WAI 1018.
Finally the truth has been revealed, we as Ngatiawa WAI 1018 accept their decisions.  As long as NO research shared in confidence with Ben Ngaia, Cherie Seamark or Hemi Sundgren by WAI 1018 is used evidence against WAI 1018.   
 We accept the Parata Whanau decision to process their claims through Ani Parata.  Also Leo Watson, Moana Sinclair, Chris Webber, Ani Parata, Ben Ngaia, and Hemi Sundgren decision to not participate in a kotahitanga system or tikanga Maori to unite the people on Kapiti Coast.  
The process of speaking only through a pakeha barrister, acting as elite Maori, is not Maori at all.  As Te Reo experts, teachers working in Maori organisations.  It is pure hypocrisy.  WHY?  Their EGOS were dented by Kaumatua - Aunties with real Ngatiawa blood running through their veins.  All to support the words of paedophiles and their protectors who blatantly stole over $400,000 of the entire IWI.  Then conning a Auntie, using her and the research she shared confidentially with Ben Ngaia, Cherie Seamark and Hemi Sundgren.  They they then used the man who raped her at 11 years old to taunt her in a text to get rid of her out of claims process.  Rape occurred 53 years ago, this behaviour by Charitable Trust Chairman totally supported by Te Ati Awa ki Whakarongotai Iwi Elite Iwi executives.  This is to maintain the coverup of theft of money, maintain abuse of sexual abuse survivors and discrimination.   
Hiding behind the whiteman the same "man who used WAI 609 15 years worth of research paid for personally on Paraparaumu Airport to get million $+ settlement for himself and other clients.  Excluding his actual client who paid him personally for Paraparaumu Airport claims and issues.  She fired him, he claimed $34, 000+ from Legal Aid on her behalf and never gave his client WAI 609 any reports on what he did to earn the $34,000+.  Legal Aid investigation has begun. 

Is this honourable behaviour absolutely NOT!   No barrister has the right to claim legal aid and refuse to give his client a report on what he has done on their behalf.
All questions on this discuss with Yvonne Mitchell WAI 609.  
It is understandable considering the facts why Ngatiawa tuturu WAI 1018-WAI 609 and their barristers have distanced themselves from the internal coverups and corrupt dis-honourable behaviour of Te Ati Awa ki Whakarongotai elite executives and legal representatives.
The barristers have solidified the division with tuturu Ngatiawa and Te Ati Awa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust, Marae and company Directors we accept the Parata Whanau, Ben Ngaia, Leo Watson's and Moana Sinclairs decisions.  Thank you for finally being honest after 5 years for being dis-honest...
We thank you for the emancipation!
We thank Nga Tupuna me nga Atua 
for guiding us on this journey
Kaumatua and Claimants have no issue addressing everything stated above in a court of law if thats what named oppressors desire.  We welcome the kanohi the kanohi process in a safe environment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WAI 88-89 Damian & Ani Parata Join Forces

OMG... What chaos will reign now?  

Damian Parata - Father Ted is one minute kicking Ani Parata of the Marae last week.
Then he agrees for his Son Damian to jointly hire barrister Moana Sinclair five days later. 
click on link
WAI 88_89 Moana Sinclair

Monday, October 20, 2014

Survivors of Sexual Abuse Have Treaty Claim Rights AMENDED

Sexual Abuse Survivors (SAS) have the RIGHT to be HEARD

The 2014 October thuggery attempts: 

  • To have SAS removed from being Trustees for Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Marae Committee through using the Police and the Maori Land Court. 
  • Using Sexual Abuse perpetrators and their supporters to remove SAS from Whakarongotai Marae and maintain their displacement and ostrosization of  Ngatiawa on the Kapiti Coast.
  • The 2014 attempts to kick SAS out of Waitangi Tribunal Judicial Hearing Treaty process and shut down their claims, in the Waitangi Tribunal Hearing process, by perpetrators and their protectors.
  • Abusing, Iwi members who support the rights of SAS to be on Marae and to have a voice.
The Hon Minister Christopher Finlayson now has to make the decision to support the continued abuse of Ngatiawa ki Kapiti Sexual Abuse Survivors. 
To protect perpetrators, and their protectors on all levels of Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Executive committees.  
This is no longer the decision of Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust Trustees (AWCTT), Company Directors, Takamore Treaty Claimants, their Registered members, the "mandated Iwi AWCTT" or their Barrister.  Who support the lateral violence against SAS  to keep their mouths shut and get them out of Treaty Claim process, as unacceptable humans.  
BREACHING BASIC TREATY of WAITANGI principles and the HUMAN RIGHTS of SAS, and permitting perpetrators to continue raping girls, boys and women in Te Atiawa ki Whakarongati Iwi.
The decision lays with Hon Minister Christopher Finlayson. He is the one who decides that SAS have no TREATY CLAIM RIGHTS. 
All other Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai claimants have refused to enter into a kanohi te kanohi mediation process with Waitangi Tribunal Judicial table or communicate with Ngatiawa ki Kapiti WAI 1018 SAS and WAI 609.  Accept through a pakeha Barrister only, that is not a TIKANGA MAORI process.   
In the October Kaumatua Council meeting, the eldest Kaumatua in Iwi agreed to have claims unite, and are communicating with Ngatiawa WAI 1018 and 609 claimants.   
Te Ati Awa claimants reaction was to reactivate the perpetrators and thugs, bought back in to intimidate, bully and trash all women who have been Sexually Abused.  In attempts to BAN them from Whakarongotai Marae.  The Marae Trustees and Charitable Trust meetings this month both resulted in violence against the women SAS.   Police called in video of incident at Marae Trustee meeting recorded.  Thats what happened... Witnesses available to give testimony.  
This is exactly why Ngatiawa WAI 1018 & 609 did not participate in a Nga Korero Tuku Hearing on the Marae or anywhere else.  The Waitangi Tribunal Judicial table need to understand, we do not accept physical or lateral violence.  As they have already witnessed at 2013 hearing.  
As stated the decision now sits with Treaty Claim Ministers, official word on this issue.  It is his Office of Treaty Settlements that is being courted by AWCTT to go into a form of direct negotiaton's to eliminate SAS and keep the historical and current abuse hidden.
We welcome any legal action against SAS by the Barrister representing AWCTT and other Treaty Claimants who support the continued lateral violence against SAS.
We thank Nga Tupuna me Atua for giving us the political support from other SAS around the country.  This is the first time Sexual Abuse will be addressed in a Treaty Claim in NZ.  
Along with multiple other breaches of Ngatiawa rights on Kapiti Coast, after our Tupuna signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.
When demanding RESPECT be PREPARED to GIVE IT...      

Thursday, September 25, 2014


What is Respect?

A feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important, a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious etc., and should  be treated in an appropriate way.

People feel they can demand respect, time and time again and history shows that respect is earned.  Unfortunately there are many that have no clue about respect or how it is earned.


Is Respect - giving all of your Tino Rangatiratanga rights away and succumbing to Neo-Colonialism?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Numbers for Atiawa on Kapiti Coast

Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust (AWCT) telling more lies only 700 people belong to Atiawa on Kapiti Coast.

WAI 1018  has a data-base that totally disputes these figures without being updated. 
It does display one thing, our people are sick and tired of the non-transparency policies,  continued to be practiced by the AWCT Trustees.  To maintain the coverup of dishonest behaviour.  They have protested by not registering with AWCT...  They are communicating with their Ngātiawa cousins.
The AWCT play to be the "Mandated Iwi," let the debates begin...   
AWCT has assumed they have eliminated their Ngātiawa WAI claimants opponents. With abuse, ostracization, verbal violence and using child-sexual abuse against a claimant. (2014 text written and sent by AWCT Trustee - professionally assessed by a ACC approved Sexual Abuse Psychologist.) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Being Wise

When choosing a barrister one needs to choose wisely... 

False testimony, is exactly that false testimony no matter what... 
Taking notes on a whanau to write a book at Whakarongotai Marae, during a tangi...
Is degrading to oneself, tupuna and an insult to the whanau pani... 
My goodness have some humility, stop what you are doing and apologise...
For a famous published writer to do this is shocking... 
All bad deeds have a Karma attached to it...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

NGATIAWA WAI 1018 and 609

As we were formally notified by George Jenkins Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Trustee Chairman and Hemi Sundgren Chairman of Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust. 

 "NO ONE is interested in anything we have to say," KEI TE PAI!  Your words not ours, own them.

Hence, we STOPPED notifying the people on the positive progress of our Treaty Claims on this blog. 
Members of Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust are not permitted, to receive updates on claims.  An issue that members will have to take up with their Chairmen and surrogate Chairman/ Spokesperson Bill Carter. 
  • Just know the government cannot breach our Human Rights and force us to give up our Ngātiawa claims. 
  • Neither can anyone else we are volunteers on a selfless Kaupapa for the future of our Mokopuna.    
  • Emotional gymnastics, is not the kaupapa we are entering into with claims and government.   
  • Emotional gymnastics, will not give our future generations the skills to survive in an ever changing world. 
We are displaced Ngatiawa ki Kapiti with no place to stand, because we refused to be discriminated against and abused.  ENOUGH is ENOUGH ! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

False Membership Registrations

An example of issues arising from people who pretend to have whakapapa they don't have!

Ngati Maru Membership Issues  click link...
Unverifiable Whakapapa cannot be accepted in registrations,  in respect to those who actually have true whakapapa to Ngatiawa.  
This is not acceptable "we know who we are and we don't have to tell you" is not accepted as proof of whakapapa to register anywhere in the country.   
Registration has been a issue in Taranaki with TAIA ratification process, with TAIA representatives having to phone people and apologise for declining registrations. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chairmen's Wish Granted

Due to being sent an email by the Chairmen of Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust and Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Marae Chairmen, to "SHUT UP - No Body wants to hear anything the  Ngatiawa Claimants WAI 1018 and 609 have to say, they have been granted their wish.  

No treaty claim related information will be posted on this blog, those who want to know and are interested in what is being filed, discussed, and written for Ngatiawa claims.  
In August 2014 can register on - those already registered will recieve an email with password to access documents.  
New registrations will need to fill in a whakapapa form.  We are governed by the privacy act and cannot disclose information recieved in registrations.  We will not force anyone to read or be informed on Treaty Claim progress or reports being formulated.  
We were informed today by our Barrister we have 7 barristers, lawyers, a historian and renowned Ngatiawa ki Taranaki translaters working on our WAI 1018 claim, paid for by legal aid.
As we have already stated, being displaced Ngatiawa with NO Marae to stand on... our claim is unique.  We are dedicated workers... We are not alone... We are not show ponies waiting for the cameras to arrive...