Friday, November 16, 2012

Sir G Latimer & Haami Piripi Legal Aid WAI Claims

Ngatiawa ki Kapiti WAI 1018 claimants area Whareroa to Kukutaiake and inland along the mountain ridges to the sea.
Apihaka Mack and Marama Pala (Rhonda) registered Legal Aid recipients since April 2009, for WAI 1018.  With Barrister David Stone and others, Apihaka gave evidence to support the Latimer claim eight months ago.  
This created a quagmire of legal aid debates between our barrister and the Justice Department.  As the Crowns, control of Legal Aid for claimants has seriously impeded the progress of WAI 1018 and every other claimant in Aotearoa.
Not only does the Crown want to dig up the bones in the swamp for their expressway.  They are doing what they can to stop Ngatiawa ki Kapiti, from having equal resources to the Crown so our people can have a fair and just Waitangi Tribunal Judicial Hearing Process.    
Waitangi Tribunal asked to consider legal aid claim
The Waitangi Tribunal is considering whether to hold a judicial review on the effect of legal aid cuts.  The claimants, Sir Graham Latimer and Haami Piripi, who chairs Te Runanga o Te Rarawa, maintain the Crown's failure to provide adequate legal support is a treaty breach.