Friday, February 14, 2014

Ngātiawa Rebels WAI 1018 Achievments

Ngātiawa Rebels WAI 1018 has gained research and translations funds from the government.  A legal FACT... With support from WAI 609-Paraparaumu Airport and 238-Atiawa-Te Tau Ihu  claims on the Kapiti Coast.

Ngātiawa Rebels, does have a legal binding agreement on the table with Crown Forest Rental Trust (CFRT) which is recorded at a Judicial Hearing, currently being developed with our barristers. 

The reality is none of this was achieved WITH ANY SUPPORT FROM Ngati Toa, Raukawa, Te Hono, WAI 2361 Te Rauparaha Island - ART Confederation claim, WAI 88, 1628, 1799, Ngati Toa-Parata claims.  
WAI 1799 a Ngati Toa claims negotiator attended one clustering hui, got highly offended because we as Ngātiawa should NOT have gone and talked with our Atiawa whanaunga in Poneke.  We should have gone to Ngati Toa.  AUE!
WAI 88 tried to force us to give Ngātiawa WAI 1018 claim to Ngati Toa. Claimant Damien Parata came with his cousins to one Judicial Hearing, 5 years to late with Ngati Toa bullies and thugs repeating history.  Demanding Judiciary table not permit the famous legal precedent setting 1887-1893 Ngarara Native Land Court case injustices be heard at hearings.  
The remaining 1945, 2390 and Airport claims 612, 877, 876, and 875 named claimants personally have not attended any Porirua-Manawatu Waitangi Tribunal hearings in 5 years. Nor have they participated psychically in any clustering hui with Ngātiawa Rebel claimants. 
Due to FEAR of the UNKNOWN and AFRAID to stand up against those with Ngati Toa, Raukawa and Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai whakapapa who have enforced as government agents to keep those with only whakapapa to Ngātiawa in EXILE. The so-called peace inter-marriages FAILED miserably, they service only Ngati Toa and Raukawa. 
Most of all the FEAR of having the Matriarchal Ngātiawa Wahine, raise their voices and use their intellect to gain what is best for the mokopuna and those yet unborn.  Not pay a percentage to Ngati Toa and Raukawa.  
Many who whakapapa to the three Iwi follow this Ngati Toa doctrine, 
"Oh! No your only aloud to take the male side of your whakapapa." statement from a woman with Ngati Toa, Raukawa and with a smidgen of Atiawa recorded at the first clustering hui, Waikanae. A supporter of the ranting Toa Ropata brothers.  What a load of utter rubbish, yes woman were commodities traded by Ngati Toa.  The same as British women were treated as mere commodities.  
Only the men are permitted to work on Treaty Claims and negotiate treaty claims. Only men nominate the men to do claim work.  Incredible discrimination against the Ngātiawa Wahine, illegal, and breaches the Treaty of Waitangi. 
Research to date in Waitara and on Kapiti Coast cannot find Ngātiawa Rebels Ariki line - wahine being traded for boats etc... EXILED by government and their kupapa agents YES!  
Not welcome at Ngati Toa controlled Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Iwi Marae, Waikanae YES!  

Ngātiawa Wahine Rebels, WAI 1018 claimants did not procrastinate made a commitment to address the injustices our tupuna endured as co-signers of the Treaty of Waitangi in Waikanae.  Within the Waitangi Tribunal system we are stuck with.

Our story will be told, from our world view not Ngati Toa or Te Hono-Raukawa perception of us.  
Will we support Ngati Toa or Raukawa to claim any funding using the Atiawa name for Treaty Claims NO!  Will we do a haka at government and CFRT if they comply YES!