Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pomare Whanau and Ngatiawa Waitara and Otaraua Issue

Letters written by Maui Pomare - Tupuna Wahine. Who instigated the petition to ensure Wahine kept ownership of their land on the Kapiti Coast. Majority at Manukorikiri as they observe Maui statue have no idea about this factual history accept Ngatiawa ki Waitara. His mokopuna also were unaware until recently.

What they do hold on to is false history and whakapapa. A whakapapa OTARAUA CHIEF wrote, with others - FENTON'S name for him (Ihara)Ihaia Kirikumara labelling Te Rangitaake and his whanau as Ngaatiawa rebels.
"Ihaia continued to oppose Te Rangitake for reasons of his own. Demonstrating political astuteness, he wrote letters to newspapers with the intention of rousing settler opposition to Te Rangitake. He supported Te Teira's sale of Waitara land to the government and when war began in March 1860 he assisted the government. On 27 June 1860 he guided British troops into position before the attack on Puke-ta-kauere pa. Although the British were severely defeated, Ihaia was praised for his part in the operation. In 1869 he helped raise Maori troops to fight Titokowaru and advised the government on Maori matters." His mokopuna doing the same in 2016 "newspapers with the intention" to decieve.
Otaraua Chief Ihaia Kirikumara click link

The whakapapa owned by Otaraua and Te Atiawa documented by Te Teira, Ihara Kirikumara, Tamati Tiraurau, Ihaia Tamati and Paoa. Handwritten by the first chief judge of the Native Land Court, Francis Fenton. Sanctioned by Senior Judge Francis R Fenton and Governor George Grey. YES! We have a copy of the original of this whakapapa.
The turmoil in Waitara centres on the continued dishonesty spouted by people who do not do their research thoroughly. Along with the following mokopuna of Otaraua Chief Ihaia Kirikumara and one Ngatai mokopuna who has a need to be a Chief and steal others whakapapa. To keep the oil cashflow going and own land that does not belong to Otaraua Hapu.
This person when we first met him claimed Te Tupe o Tu and Hau Te Horo were mythology, then he claimed to be mokopuna of Eruini Te Tupe o Tu but did not want to know about Te Tupe Tu wife's Raukawa whanau. Next tangent he filed a Treaty Claim in Te Rangitaake name informed the Ngaia whanau after filing. Now claims to be spokesperson for Te Rangitaake and claim Waitara land. We offered to do a DNA test with him, but he has not responded.
Waitara belongs to Te Rangitaake Ngatiawa "Rebels" - Hapu, DNA and whangai whanau the original owners.

2015 Otaraua Park Statement Amended due to new Research Found

Monday, September 26, 2016

Ngātiawa Iwi Versus Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Iwi WAI 88.

Original Claim WAI 88 filed and written by Pehi Parata, transcribed by Pirikawau mokopuna, Rhonda Marama Mullen at the Te Wananga o Raukawa offices Otaki.  

Not for one moment do we believe it was Pehi Parata intention to cut the Ngātiawa Hāpu, and Tupuna who held Customary Chieftainship 1819-1840 and their mokopuna in 2016 out of Waitangi Tribunal claims process.   
Unfortunately, that was an intended outcome.   A conscientious drive by WAI 88 and Atiawa ki Whakarongtai Charitable Trust and Marae Komiti for the last ten years in Waitangi Tribunal Judicial Conferences recorded in Tribunal minutes. Including of course the WAI 88 Nga Korero Toku Iho Hui for Parata whanau.        
Due to the tenacity of Te Pukerangiora, Te Rangitaake, Pirikawau, Kahutatara, Puketapu and Te Ara Tupe o Tuiti mokopuna,  practising passive resistance, we observed the lengths others have in their need to wipe out the presence of Ngātiawa - Ariki Te Rangitaake whanau on Kapiti Coast as in Waitara. 
It would be unwise, to assume Ngātiawa Iwi ki Kapiti claimants have retreated.  We are walking our Strategic Plan our issues are with the Crown.
"There's one Bill that says that the land belonging to this small group over here will go to the whole iwi. That's wrong in Māori law, that's wrong in our law, and it's a wrong that we should stop." Winston Peters. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Shelly Bay Sale is Questionable

Support all Shareholders Objecting to this Sale sign petition.  

Click link      Shelly Bay Petition Please Sign

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ngatiawa ki Waitara WAI 2228 Statement today

Ngatiawa ki Waitara WAI 2228 - Andrea Ngaia - Moore Statements Regarding Kotahitanga Te Atiawa Settlement Trust:

"There's one Bill that says that the land belonging to this small group over here will go to the whole iwi. That's wrong in Māori law, that's wrong in our law, and it's a wrong that we should stop." Winston Peters.  
Te Atiawa Settlements Bill Pt2
This Claim process has had the interference of the Crown and its agencies for as long as I know. One of the deciding factors for our removal, was the deposit of over several million dollars into our account before the final voting process had begun.

  • So we must all ask ourselves, Why was this deposit made? 
  • and... how could those hapu reps who approved of this money remain impartial to the needs of the Crown?

So now, this is my prediction if it ever goes back to the iwi....., 
The Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa, will ignore my position as the Manukorihi Hapu Chair and the Hapu delegate on the iwi authority, and they will speak with someone else within the hapu who will side with them in order to continue the process to settlement.....I can bet on it!
It's our history and one that is being played out as it was then....

Cancellation of Te Atiawa Settlement Reading Bill 23/09/2016

NZ First evidence of National government's dishonesty,  regarding cancellation, of Kotahitanga Atiawa Post Settlement Trust  final Bill, reading. 

click link   NZ 1st to Parliament 21 Sept 2016

Major Contradictions in WAI 88 & 89 Claims Document

Ngati Maru, Tama and Mutunga WAI 88 & 89 Claims reports submitted with unsubstantiated,  severely flawed historical content.   Filed by barrister Moana Sinclair.
Not only do reports contradict one another but show the intent of multiple deceptions and false history.  Filed by the Parata new Trust for WAI 88 & 89.
All Ngaatiawa can say is in the end, the truth will get revealed.  No one will be left behind no matter what their personal judgements are of others.  The activation of exclusion is a wrongful act against all Human Rights.  
To often the word Kotahitanga is used as a political tool to oppress the displaced and disenfranchised.
April 2015 _Nga Korero Tuku Iho
WAI 88-89 Amended Statement of Claim
WAI 88 & 89  OF COUNSEL Dated 10 August 2016 - NEW TRUST - Ati Awa Mai Kukutauaki Ki Whareroa Trust” (AAMKKW) 
"The rohe under which this Trust is established is rooted in Nga Iwi o Ati Awa Ki Waikanae and the collective whanau/hapu of Te Atiawa, Ngati Tama, Ngati Mutunga and Ngati Maru
TRUSTEES: Anne Ngamate Parata, Hauangi Kiwha, Lois Ruhina McNaught, Mathew Love Parata, Albert George Ellison, Rewa Morgan, Karen Marama Parata.  CLICK BLUE LINK BELOW
It noticeable exclusion of two of the WAI 88 & 89 claimants Damian and Darrin Parata.
What is written in any of these documents legally cannot be assumed Damian and Darrin agree.  As there, names are not on new Trusts Registration. 

Save Shelly Bay - Reprieve for Waitara Endowments Lands

The New Plymouth District Council (Waitara Lands) Bill for the sale of Waitara Endowment Lands given a tempory reprieve in Parliament 21/09/2016,  it is referred to Māori Affairs Select Committee.  Submissions can be submitted to this committee.
We now have to speak up and object to the sale of Shelly Bay"I will not agree to our bedroom being sold, for this bed belongs to the whole of us.  If you give the money secretly, you will get no land for it.  you may insist but I will never agree to it." Te Rangitaake/Whiti aka Wiremu Kingi - 1859 
SIGN PETITION click link Save Shelly Bay for our Mokopuna 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Deal Done Against Shareholder Owners - Trustees Using Legislation TO STRIP SHAREHOLDERS OF WHENUA

"Well, we’ll soon see. If they continue down this track you will see significant litigation against them for being so bad at being stewards of our assets."

click link below


Tēnā koutou,
Te whakahou, te whakapakari me te whakanikoniko i te ahurea te pāpori me te tino rangatiratanga o Taranaki Whānui!
Shelly Bay Update
It is with great delight that I am able to inform you Taranaki Whānui Ltd (TWL) is in joint venture negotiations aimed at breathing new life and a refreshed energy into the development of Shelly Bay. 
You will recall that Shelly Bay was bought by the Trust in 2009 after settlement with the Crown, using cash that formed part of the settlement as a development project for the Trust. 
This year we set out on a national consultation from Auckland to Nelson to listen to all of your feedback during the vote on the clean sale of the land. That included diverse feedback and questions ranging from retention, to being part of its development, to the welcome change in approach by the Board to seek member’s views on the transaction. Your feedback encouraged us to take a fresh look at how we could obtain a benefit from the land at Shelly Bay. Accordingly, we are pleased to announce that we are working on a joint venture (JV) agreement with Ian Cassels and The Wellington Company (TWC).
A resource consent for Shelly Bay under the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013 (SHA) is to be lodged by Thursday September 15, 2016. This is to ensure the development advantages under the SHA designation are protected. Securing this resource consent will be required before all the necessary JV negotiations, agreements and formalities are concluded with TWC. 
Once the resource consents are lodged with the Wellington City Council this will become public knowledge. Before that occurs the Trustees and the TWL Directors want to ensure that members are given a “heads-up” that this is happening rather than reading about it in the media or on a face-book post.
As the formalities between TWC and TWL are yet to be completed we can’t provide more detail of the proposal at the moment but we will provide more details once legal formalities are concluded and then share the information about the joint venture at the annual general meeting on Saturday October 15, 2016.
Should there be more news before the annual meeting we will let you know. But for now I think we could all afford to feel a bit of excitement that Shelly Bay is seeing potential sunlight again and that the Trust is heading in the right direction.
Nāku noa, nā
Neville Baker
Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust

If these Trustees were TRANSPARENT Shareholder Owners would not have to find out about BACKROOM DEALS on Social Media.
Shareholder-Owners would have their votes accepted as a NO SALE.

Andrew Jenkins-Mepham hui at Port Nic Office

14th September, 2016 - Port Nicholson Offices Poneke. 

We went along to the trust office this morning with some simple questions that would inform members around the rumour of selling Shelly Bay. The trustees arrived Sam Kahui, Peter Jackson, Holden Hohaia, Morrie Love. 
I put questions to them and asked for a considered response, they exited building via the back door without telling us.  Despicable behavior.  So sorry no clarity on this issue

Andrew Mepham - New Port Nic Trustee Nominee 

Port Nicoloson Trust Issues - E Tu Whanui

E tu Whanui - Owners of Shares in Port Nicholson Settlement Trust.

The issues in article below affects all owners of shares in this Trust.  Again lawyers are being used that we pay for to intimidate and attempt to bully OWNERS of SHARES.  75% of owners did not agree to sale of Shelly Bay.
Support Uncle Kara Puketapu to take legal action against current Trustees and to protect our rights to vote on sale of our lands.  Port Nic Trust did not pay $2 million committed to pay  Waiwhetu Marae Trustees for loss of land. 
Notification was given a few weeks ago that Chairman of Port Nic Trust - Neville Baker has been given "Trespass Orders" against him on Waiwhetu Marae and  Te Atiawa Runanga Offices in Lower Hutt.  Bakers employee Jason Fox - Exec Director and Trustees are hiding behind lawyers.  The only people making money out of this trust is lawyers.  The only scapegoats this time are the current September 2016 trustees and Exec Director.  
Time to Vote for new Transparent Honest Trustees to Port Nicholson Trust
Keep in mind the Wellington 10ths Owner Shareholders refused to permit the sale of Atheltic Park, according to 2016 AGM report.  It is now a thriving business with housing, highly regarded Dementia Unit, and Day Care centre for tamariki.  Owned by Wellington 10ths Owner Shareholders. 
The same can be done for Shelly Bay. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Claimants Page Updated

Ngātiawa ki Kapiti te taku Tai versus Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai 

A Conversation and Transparency

How does the conversation start with Ngātiawa Iwi CT Claimants?

Right now it is Ngaatiawa versus Te Atiawa, which the Waitangi Tribal and all Tribal and CFRT historians can clearly identify.  
The Waitara War all over again Te Atiawa and the Crown against Rangatira Te Rangitaake mokopuna.  
What for a few crumbs - over a billion dollars worth of oil and gas has and gets pumped out of Taranaki.  Yet Te Atiawa Settle for $80 million.   The figures do not indicate any equality or partnerships.  A billion for Crown versus $80 million for Te Atiawa.   
That's what full and final settlement looks like. Think about that...  
As the displaced Ngātiawa Iwi CT Claimants we know - we are worth more. 

Taranaki Whanui from Shelly Action Group - Port Nic Trustees Voting

Nga mihi tatou Taranaki Whanau.

On the 15th September the process for new Trustees to be elected to the Board will begin.
Because of the cynical and unfair way the attempted sale of Shelly Bay whenua was carried out, we resisted, and we stopped the sale.
Shelly Bay was a signpost for change.
A group of us from the Shelly Bay action have joined together to try to reform the way our elected Trustees have managed our land, our resources and our money.
Query...is it true that parking fines and infringements are paid from our money?
We have five candidates who are determined to change the way our Board of Trustees be have. They are honest and open and convinced that they can make a real difference.
I am writing to you all to ask two things from you.  Will you help please?
The first is...When your voting papers arrive, please do not vote straight away. Wait until all our information about our... in fact, your candidates is published.
Then with all the information in front of you, make your choice and then vote.
Secondly...We need your help to do the work. The candidates are working hard right now and are heavily involved.
Would each of you do this please?
    -    Forward or send this email to every Taranaki Whanui member that you know.
    -    Post it on your Facebook page.
    -    Talk and encourage all our members to vote.
    -    Talk to our old people who may be out of touch so they too can become
         more aware of what is happening.
Thank you.
More information is being prepared and will be sent out within the next few days
Kia ora.                                 Hirini Jenkins Mepham.