Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ngatiawa ki Waitara WAI 2228 Statement today

Ngatiawa ki Waitara WAI 2228 - Andrea Ngaia - Moore Statements Regarding Kotahitanga Te Atiawa Settlement Trust:

"There's one Bill that says that the land belonging to this small group over here will go to the whole iwi. That's wrong in Māori law, that's wrong in our law, and it's a wrong that we should stop." Winston Peters.  
Te Atiawa Settlements Bill Pt2
This Claim process has had the interference of the Crown and its agencies for as long as I know. One of the deciding factors for our removal, was the deposit of over several million dollars into our account before the final voting process had begun.

  • So we must all ask ourselves, Why was this deposit made? 
  • and... how could those hapu reps who approved of this money remain impartial to the needs of the Crown?

So now, this is my prediction if it ever goes back to the iwi....., 
The Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa, will ignore my position as the Manukorihi Hapu Chair and the Hapu delegate on the iwi authority, and they will speak with someone else within the hapu who will side with them in order to continue the process to settlement.....I can bet on it!
It's our history and one that is being played out as it was then....

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