Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pomare Whanau and Ngatiawa Waitara and Otaraua Issue

Letters written by Maui Pomare - Tupuna Wahine. Who instigated the petition to ensure Wahine kept ownership of their land on the Kapiti Coast. Majority at Manukorikiri as they observe Maui statue have no idea about this factual history accept Ngatiawa ki Waitara. His mokopuna also were unaware until recently.

What they do hold on to is false history and whakapapa. A whakapapa OTARAUA CHIEF wrote, with others - FENTON'S name for him (Ihara)Ihaia Kirikumara labelling Te Rangitaake and his whanau as Ngaatiawa rebels.
"Ihaia continued to oppose Te Rangitake for reasons of his own. Demonstrating political astuteness, he wrote letters to newspapers with the intention of rousing settler opposition to Te Rangitake. He supported Te Teira's sale of Waitara land to the government and when war began in March 1860 he assisted the government. On 27 June 1860 he guided British troops into position before the attack on Puke-ta-kauere pa. Although the British were severely defeated, Ihaia was praised for his part in the operation. In 1869 he helped raise Maori troops to fight Titokowaru and advised the government on Maori matters." His mokopuna doing the same in 2016 "newspapers with the intention" to decieve.
Otaraua Chief Ihaia Kirikumara click link

The whakapapa owned by Otaraua and Te Atiawa documented by Te Teira, Ihara Kirikumara, Tamati Tiraurau, Ihaia Tamati and Paoa. Handwritten by the first chief judge of the Native Land Court, Francis Fenton. Sanctioned by Senior Judge Francis R Fenton and Governor George Grey. YES! We have a copy of the original of this whakapapa.
The turmoil in Waitara centres on the continued dishonesty spouted by people who do not do their research thoroughly. Along with the following mokopuna of Otaraua Chief Ihaia Kirikumara and one Ngatai mokopuna who has a need to be a Chief and steal others whakapapa. To keep the oil cashflow going and own land that does not belong to Otaraua Hapu.
This person when we first met him claimed Te Tupe o Tu and Hau Te Horo were mythology, then he claimed to be mokopuna of Eruini Te Tupe o Tu but did not want to know about Te Tupe Tu wife's Raukawa whanau. Next tangent he filed a Treaty Claim in Te Rangitaake name informed the Ngaia whanau after filing. Now claims to be spokesperson for Te Rangitaake and claim Waitara land. We offered to do a DNA test with him, but he has not responded.
Waitara belongs to Te Rangitaake Ngatiawa "Rebels" - Hapu, DNA and whangai whanau the original owners.

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