Thursday, September 15, 2016

Port Nicoloson Trust Issues - E Tu Whanui

E tu Whanui - Owners of Shares in Port Nicholson Settlement Trust.

The issues in article below affects all owners of shares in this Trust.  Again lawyers are being used that we pay for to intimidate and attempt to bully OWNERS of SHARES.  75% of owners did not agree to sale of Shelly Bay.
Support Uncle Kara Puketapu to take legal action against current Trustees and to protect our rights to vote on sale of our lands.  Port Nic Trust did not pay $2 million committed to pay  Waiwhetu Marae Trustees for loss of land. 
Notification was given a few weeks ago that Chairman of Port Nic Trust - Neville Baker has been given "Trespass Orders" against him on Waiwhetu Marae and  Te Atiawa Runanga Offices in Lower Hutt.  Bakers employee Jason Fox - Exec Director and Trustees are hiding behind lawyers.  The only people making money out of this trust is lawyers.  The only scapegoats this time are the current September 2016 trustees and Exec Director.  
Time to Vote for new Transparent Honest Trustees to Port Nicholson Trust
Keep in mind the Wellington 10ths Owner Shareholders refused to permit the sale of Atheltic Park, according to 2016 AGM report.  It is now a thriving business with housing, highly regarded Dementia Unit, and Day Care centre for tamariki.  Owned by Wellington 10ths Owner Shareholders. 
The same can be done for Shelly Bay. 

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