Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Taranaki Whanui from Shelly Action Group - Port Nic Trustees Voting

Nga mihi tatou Taranaki Whanau.

On the 15th September the process for new Trustees to be elected to the Board will begin.
Because of the cynical and unfair way the attempted sale of Shelly Bay whenua was carried out, we resisted, and we stopped the sale.
Shelly Bay was a signpost for change.
A group of us from the Shelly Bay action have joined together to try to reform the way our elected Trustees have managed our land, our resources and our money.
Query...is it true that parking fines and infringements are paid from our money?
We have five candidates who are determined to change the way our Board of Trustees be have. They are honest and open and convinced that they can make a real difference.
I am writing to you all to ask two things from you.  Will you help please?
The first is...When your voting papers arrive, please do not vote straight away. Wait until all our information about our... in fact, your candidates is published.
Then with all the information in front of you, make your choice and then vote.
Secondly...We need your help to do the work. The candidates are working hard right now and are heavily involved.
Would each of you do this please?
    -    Forward or send this email to every Taranaki Whanui member that you know.
    -    Post it on your Facebook page.
    -    Talk and encourage all our members to vote.
    -    Talk to our old people who may be out of touch so they too can become
         more aware of what is happening.
Thank you.
More information is being prepared and will be sent out within the next few days
Kia ora.                                 Hirini Jenkins Mepham.

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