Saturday, June 18, 2016

UENUKU verses Ruanui Facts


All WAI claimants with Ngaatiawa Iwi ki Kapiti are descendants from the Ngati Kahukura Hapu o Whare o Uenuku the original whakapapa of our Ariki.

Ngaatiawa Claimants are not from Kahui Hapu o Ruanui or the Uri of American Whaler Stubbs family a historical fact. 
The Wi Parata-Stubbs whanau are from Ruanui. They are also the GrandGreatGreat Grandchildren of Wi Parata's father American George Stubbs.  A Whaling Family known for historical atrocities committed on the Indigenous Nation of the Iroquois League or the League of Peace and Power American on North East Coast of America. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

AMENDED: 18th Jun 2016 - Treaty Claims Cowards, Bullies and DISCRIMINATION

Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Iwi Men take the back seat and Pit Wahine against Wahine in Treaty Claims and in all areas of Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai (AWCT) Charitable Trust business and Parata Marae Claim.

WAI 88 Co-Claimant Damian with Ani and Darrin Parata.  Damian has made this decision with other Parata male treaty claimants in alliance with AWCT.  Including ex- and current company directors, trustees the actual conductors in the background.  (Ngati Toa-Raukawa - History repeating itself men hiding behind woman's skirts)
The non-transparent men and the women puppets with massive egos.  Totally believe they will receive a full and final settlement from the Office of Treaty Settlements.  As a "Mandated Iwi." What a put down and cowardliness for all men with integrity within a Iwi.  Shame on the cowards. 
To pit the sister against sister and pit Ngati Toa, Raukawa, Stubbs/Parata Uri, and Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Kahui Ruanui Wahine against Ngaatiawa - Ngati Kahukura Hapu o Uenuku wahine.  A doomed for failure strategy.  Only men and women with hidden agendas would come up with this destruction of Wahine Maori human rights.  Multiple breaches under Te Tiriti o Waitangi. 

No tikanga/ethical behaviour Maori or room for unity/kotahitanga in this system boys and girls!   

Emotionally the AWCT, Company Directors and Marae trustees have made decisions to coverup and accept trustees who do not qualify under legislations.  Do not expect others to abide by your emotional decisions, driven by egos and arrogance.

We have been informed from Parihaka of two stories going around about Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Treaty claims.  Version 1: the Ben Ngaia and Hemi Sundgren (these two have been using the pit wahine against wahine process for a few years - they will only speak through a pakeha barrister to WAI 1018 - NO TIKANGA MAORI for these TE REO EXPERTS) Version 2: WAI 88 Parata Marae claim version.  The fear promoted at Parihaka and in Poneke of Ngaatiawa Iwi WAI claimants ridiculous. 
Ngaatiawa Iwi claimants were invited to Parihaka to give our version, we declined we will tell our history and injustices once only in our hearing. 
Ngaatiawa Iwi ki Kapiti have been fully aware of this pit wahine against wahine system for a few years.  
We sat watched, listen and practised "passive resistance" in the true sense of the words.  We give aroha and thanks to our ancestral Wahine Tohunga and Matriarch's.

Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Trustees attempting to be a Bullies

Qualifications of Officers of Charitable Entities16. 2-G: The following persons are disqualified from being officers of a charitable entities

2.G: a body corporate that is being wound up, is in liquidation or receivership or receivership, or is subjected to statutory management under the Corporations (Investigation and Management Act 1989:

Nu Image Interiors click link Nu Image Owner AnneMarie Bukholt   
Nu Image Interiors click link Nu Image Owner AnneMarie Bukholt
These documents were obtained from the 
Companies Office NZ website.  
Public informatioand knowledge.
Marae Trustees:
According to Trustee's Duties "A Guide" Te Ture 
Whenua Maori Land Act 1993 p.14.  Also sets 
firm guidelines on who is eligible to be a Marae 
Trustee.  The NZ government wrote the Legislations.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ngaatiawa Iwi CT - Crown Forest Rental Trust - Waterways Kapiti Coast, Research Wananga.

Crown Forest Rental Trust (CFRT) - Waterways Kapiti Coast, Research Wananga.

10am, Saturday 11th June 2016.  Kapiti Community Centre, Paraparaumu. 
It is important local input and knowledge is given for this CFRT report as it will be used by Waitangi Tribunal to access and quantify the damage of Waterways in our rohe.  
Eg; What Kai can be eaten from Wharemaku Stream? If any... How much damage has express way done to waterways? Who approved the damage of theses waterways?
Those interested in registering damage, protecting and restoring the damage of Waterways from Whareroa to Kukutaiake and inland in our rohe. 
Nau Mai Haere