Paraparaumu Airport WAI 609 Statement 2014

This Statement was written by Yvonne Mitchel, who has five archive boxes of research paid for by herself and husband. Whaea is the mokopuna of Kaiherirau Takurua.

This research was used by Barrister Leo Watson to get a private cash settlement from owners of Paraparaumu Airport for Norma Ellison and her sister.  It was this issue that prompted Whaea Yvonne to release Leo Watson as her barrister. 
In addition, the claim for a $7,000 Legal Aid payment for a Paraparaumu Airport Report.  As the client Whaea was not permitted to read report prior to payment being issued from Legal Aid.  

The current Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust Treasurer, and Whakarongotai Marae Trust Treasurer is Norma Ellison's daughter.   

Whaea Yvonne was never compensated for the use of the research for the Court Cases involving Paraparaumu Airport.  
An INJUSTICE...  Whaea was bullied by other airport claimants who tried to force her to retain Leo Watson as her barrister... However, Whaea could not trust him anymore. 
Paraparaumu Airport Statement by Whaea Yvonne Mitchel 
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Paraparaumu Airport Statement 2014

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